/ roter kunstsalon . museum villa rot

roter kunstsalon . museum villa rot
14. - 17.10.2020

next thursday, october 14, the opening of the sixth edition of the villa rot art salon will take place smudajescheck gallery exclusively presents a new series of works on paper, in which dots, pixels and particles of varnish, ink and toner from the analog and digital world compete for visual (meaning) supremacy on the paper carrier. also shown are newly created cgi-based works as well as partially chrome-plated 3d-printed sculptures

galerie art/of, dreieich . galerie albert baumgarten, freiburg . galerie klaus benden, köln . galerie von braunbehrens, stuttgart . galerie kristine hamann, wismar . galerie hrobsky, wien . martina kaiser cologne contemporary art, köln . galerie reinhold maas, reutlingen . radial art contemporain, strasbourg . galerie schmalfuss, berlin . smudajescheck, münchen . zweigstelle berlin

villa rot
88483 burgrieden - rot

thu. 14.10 . 15-21
fr. 15.10. 14-18
sa. 16.10. 11-18 uhr
su. 17.10. 11-18 uhr



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